Custom. Quality. Hand made. Made in Melbourne.

With over 10 years experience Ed West established Melbourne Iron & Steel
based on a strong appreciation for the trade and a love for precise,
functional wrought iron & steel work. 


How we work: 
MI&S works with meticulous attention to detail. Working closely with clients and project teams to produce custom made, quality pieces. Based on extensive experience and collaborating with trusted colleagues and suppliers, we focus on producing practical, quality work.  From client consultation to design & production to installation, we aim to add value to our clients projects in each stage.

The craft:
MI&S has a deep appreciation and understanding for the craft. We love the creative process; whether it’s creating a beautifully decorative wrought iron balustrade or a minimalist, steel, modern window frame. The challenge creating not only practical and functional, but aesthetically beautiful pieces is always rewarding.

Modern & traditional work: 
MI&S is built off a traditional trade but offers a modern spin. Some projects are one-off, traditional wrought iron work pieces, others are created directly from architect designed plans. It's this mix of traditional, decorative wrought iron work and modern steel fabrication that keeps our work sharp and relevant today. 

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18A Treforest Drive, Clayton VIC 3168